Trinity Western

After serving the Trinity Western alumni community for 13 years developing programs and projects, Brenda is excited to partner with Trinity Western University (TWU) to provide student scholarships for a new generation of leaders. SPARTANS ANNOUNCE NEW SCHOLARSHIP PARTNERSHIP

"TWU is located in Langley and is a place of rigorous academic scholarship and a people with a common vision—to transform lives through Christ-centred higher education. Faculty members are known for their extraordinary accessibility to students and strong record of published, globally-recognized research. The result of the outstanding instruction and strong community at TWU is skilled and committed graduates, who make a positive difference wherever they go."

Brenda Evans is committed to TWU's success in the following ways:

  1. Through the 'Brenda Evans Student Scholarship' 25% of agent commission from every completed purchase or sale that originates through a TWU referral will be donated to an annual scholarship and presented to a qualifying student...or to an agreed upon fund-raising initiative.
  2. Brenda will act as an ambassador for TWU programs, staff and faculty, co-marketing herself and Trinity Western University.
  3. Brenda will actively promote and refer names of potential new students for undergraduate and graduate recruitment.
  4. Participate in formal mentorship of students through the TWU School of Business Mentorship Program.
  5. Develop added-value components for members of the University community including, but not limited to, professional Real Estate Seminars, encouraging the participation of alumni and other professional resources.